V4 Speciale: Before & after Akrapovic install, with dyno runs!

Come along as we perform a "before" dyno run with the stock exhaust at Motorsport Exotica, then drop the bike off at Ducati Westlake for the installation of the Akrapovic Race Exhaust! Then, we bring the bike back to Motorsport Exotica to check out the GAINS!

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this video, including:

Motorsport Exotica

V4 Evo

Liebspeed Carbon


  • Mai dick is sooooooooooooooooooooo swole

    Negro Saxon
  • Hey, quick question, would the spacer for the multi 1260 would work on the enduro model? And also can you guys develop a heat shield for the 1260 s and enduro, I’m an mts 1260 enduro owner and the heat coming from the left side it’s an issue, If you guys could come with something I’ll be one of the first to order. Keep up the good work!

    Luis Miguel Quintero

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