The original, authentic Throttle Spacer Kit. And more!

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Kits available for Ducati, Triumph, KTM, & Husqvarna!

Got slop?

Our spacer kits remove the unnecessary slop in your ride-by-wire throttle.

Not convinced you need throttle spacers? Check out our FAQ to learn more!

"This may be the most efficient cost to benefit upgrade I've ever done on any motorcycle. The enhanced throttle control makes riding much more safe and fun. I would consider this a must (street or track). I was going to remap & re gear after break in, but this $30 mod may obviate the need. It's that good. It truly is sublime."

Actual Spacer Kit Customer Review

"The change is very noticeable, took it for a ride today at 98F, and while the bike still radiates a lot of heat, it is so much better! I have no longer burn marks on my left leg, there is considerably less heat all over. If like me the heat issue with this bike is too much for you, then this product is a MUST."

Actual Heat Shield Customer Review

Sick of roasted nuts?

Our custom-cut heat shield kits substantially reduce heat from the seat and bodywork!

Heat Shield Kit, Before & After

Drag to see the dramatic effect of installing our heat shielding kits!

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