Shopping for a 2023 Ducati? Here's our Buyer's Guide!

Shopping for a 2023 Ducati? Here's our Buyer's Guide!

If you're in the market for a new motorcycle, and you're enamored by the scintillating Italian offerings, then the 2023 Ducati lineup is sure to have something that will catch your eye. However, with so many models to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the 2023 Ducati lineup and offer some tips on how to choose the best Ducati motorcycle for you.
First, let's take a quick look at the 2023 Ducati models. The lineup includes the following models:

  • Panigale V4, V2
  • Streetfighter V4, V2
  • SuperSport 950
  • Multistrada V4
  • Hypermotard 950
  • Monster
  • Diavel/XDiavel
  • Scrambler
  • DesertX
Now, let's break down each model and highlight some of the key features that make them stand out, plus the type of riding they're designed for. We won't break down every special variant of each model (there are dozens)- but we hope this provides a decent high-level summary.

Panigale V4 - This is Ducati's flagship sportbike and it's designed for the serious track enthusiast. It features a powerful 1103cc engine that produces 214 horsepower and 91 lb-ft of torque. It's equipped with a full suite of electronic aids including traction control, wheelie control, and a quickshifter. The Panigale V4 is a highly capable and technically advanced machine that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding riders, but is most at-home on a race track.

Panigale V2 - A similarly track-focused sportbike, based on a smaller 955cc L-twin engine, generating a still-impressive 155hp. Slightly more manageable than the V4 variant, but still a handful!
These bikes generate a ton of heat, thus tending to be uncomfortable to ride around town in normal street clothing- though our Heat Shield Kits can help with that!

Streetfighter V4 - The Streetfighter V4 is essentially a naked version of the Panigale V4. It features the same engine and electronics package as the Panigale, but it's designed for street riding. The Streetfighter V4 offers aggressive styling and a more upright riding position that's more comfortable for longer rides. Its lack of wind protection and small fuel tank (<100 miles of range) make it a pain for long trips on the freeway- it really shines as an aggressive city bike or canyon carver!

Streetfighter V2 - Just like the Panigale V2, a variant of the Streetfighter that's based on the less powerful twin-cylinder engine.


SuperSport 950 - The SuperSport is a sport-touring motorcycle that's designed to offer a balance between performance and comfort. It's powered by a 937cc engine that produces 110 horsepower and 69 lb-ft of torque. The SuperSport is equipped with adjustable suspension, a quickshifter, and ABS as standard. It gives its rider the majority of the performance of its sportier Panigale cousins, with a more forgiving riding position that's much better suited to real-world conditions.


Multistrada V4 - The Multistrada V4 is a do-it-all adventure bike that's designed to handle any terrain. It's powered by a 1158cc engine that produces 170 horsepower and 92 lb-ft of torque. The Multistrada is equipped with Ducati's Skyhook suspension, which adjusts the suspension based on the terrain and riding conditions. While beginner off-road riders may find the bike difficult to handle when the pavement turns to dirt, seasoned off-road riders who are comfortable with the additional weight can take these bikes on some seriously rough terrain! Fantastic wind protection and long fuel range also make the Multistrada an ideal choice for long-distance touring.

Hypermotard 950 - The Hypermotard is a supermoto-style motorcycle that's designed for aggressive street riding. It's powered by a 937cc engine that produces 114 horsepower and 71 lb-ft of torque. The Hypermotard features a high riding position and wide handlebars that offer excellent control and maneuverability, though its minimal wind protection and motor tuned to deliver low-end torque are not well-suited to long freeway stints.

SP variant shown

Monster - The Monster is a naked sportbike that's designed for riders who want a combination of performance and style. It's powered by a 937cc engine that produces 111 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque. The Monster features a classic naked bike design that's both timeless and modern. The Monster makes for a great commuter or city bike with its combination of relaxed ergonomics, cool styling, and effortless power.

Diavel V4/XDiavel 1260 - The Diavel is a power cruiser that's designed to offer the performance of a sportbike with the comfort of a cruiser. It's powered by either a variant of the V4 engine from the Multistrada V4 producing 168 horsepower and 93 lb-ft of torque, or a 1262cc V-twin engine that produces 159 horsepower and 95 lb-ft of torque.

The Diavel and XDiavel feature a unique design that combines elements of a sportbike and a cruiser. While it may not achieve the sheer lean angles of its sportier brethren, many riders are shocked at the effortless turn-in and handling capabilities of this "cruiser" when the road gets twisty. Check out this Youtube video, where I rode the XDiavel and compared it to my Panigale V4!


Scrambler - The Scrambler is a retro-inspired motorcycle that's designed for riders who want a classic look with modern features. It's powered by a 803cc engine that produces 72 horsepower and 49 lb-ft of torque. The Scrambler features a comfortable riding position and a simple, easy-to-use electronics package. It unfortunately lacks any real wind protection for highway riding, making it feel most at-home at slower speeds on city streets, zipping from stoplight to stoplight.

Its lower power output and relaxed riding position make it the ideal Ducati model for a beginner rider, or someone looking to dip their toes into the Ducati mystique. It's also offered in a wide variety of cosmetic variants, ensuring there's a Scrambler aesthetic that will speak to you! Ducati also offer an 1100-cc variant of the Scrambler, for those who love the classic lines of the Scrambler, but want a little more speed!


DesertX - The 2023 Ducati DesertX is an off-road marvel that expertly combines style, performance, and ruggedness. Built for adventure enthusiasts and those who love to venture off the beaten path, the DesertX boasts a powerful 937cc Testastretta 11° engine, ensuring superior torque and responsiveness in all conditions. Its advanced suspension system, featuring fully adjustable front and rear suspensions, provides optimal comfort and control while tackling rough terrain.

The DesertX's iconic trellis frame and robust 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels give it a distinctively aggressive look, while the 5.1-gallon fuel tank allows for extended riding sessions. Additional features, such as the cutting-edge electronics package with customizable riding modes, cornering ABS, and traction control, make the 2023 Ducati DesertX an ideal choice for those seeking thrilling off-road experiences without sacrificing Ducati's trademark design and performance.

So, there it is. Hopefully this guide has provided an easily digestible breakdown of the wide variety of models offered by Ducati for the 2023 model year. Feel free to shoot us a message any time, whether it's about our products or not! We're motorcycle enthusiasts just like you, and would love to chat about your potential Ducati purchase.

Happy riding,

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