I'm taking my V4 Speciale to the track!! BONUS Ducati Spacer Kit Install!

Follow me as I prep my V4 Speciale for its first track day at Laguna Seca! I'll walk you through installation of the Throttle Spacer Kit (www.ducatispacers.com), Rizoma mirror block-offs, and the removal of the big, honkin' rear fender!

Everything was included with the bike, except the Ducati Throttle Spacer Kit. Purchase a kit with discount code LAGUNA at ducatispacers.com, and save 10%!

Thanks for watching! Comment below if you have any questions, or if you think my girlfriend is hot, or she's annoying, or I'm gay. All feedback is strongly appreciated.

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  • On a different note, do you have any solutions for the vibrating mirrors on the V4?

    dietmar cordes

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