FAQ: Heat Shield

Isn't this just cheap aluminum tape?

The material we use is not aluminum tape! It's a flexible fiberglass material with an aluminized surface, similar to exhaust heat wrap. The amount of material required to make a single kit costs over $80 on Amazon! And don't forget the hundreds of hours we spent perfecting the intricate shapes required to match the Panigale's bodywork, testing our solution to ensure its safety and effectiveness, creating a full-color instruction manual, sourcing material, and working with die-cutting suppliers to get the kits mass-produced. There's always the DIY option, but our solution will save you countless, precious hours!

Is the heat shield material safe & durable?

The material is capable of withstanding radiant heat up to 2000°F, and the adhesive can withstand temperatures of 500-600°F, so there's no need to worry about the material being damaged by heat from the engine or exhaust. The kit has undergone many months of development and real-world testing on several bikes in extreme Southern California desert heat, and has held up perfectly! Zero degradation of the aluminized surface or adhesive has been noted.

Where does all the heat go? Will the engine run hotter?

The plastic bodywork and seat are not designed to be part of the bike's cooling system, nor to transmit heat. Installing the Heat Shield Kit keeps the heat in the rear cylinder, where the bike's recirculating coolant system is able to effectively dispose of it, as designed! We've performed countless months of hot-weather testing, and found the bike to run no hotter than normal! The only side effect is far less heat on your thighs and man parts.

Is the heat shield kit difficult to install?

The kit comes with a full-color, 4-page instruction manual detailing the install process. Anyone with very basic hand tools and about 40 minutes of free time can install it! Required tools include only 3mm/4mm hex keys, 8mm socket, and a flathead screwdriver! This YouTube video also details the process for the 1199!

Are the heat shields visible once installed?

Nope, the heat shields are installed on the inside of the bodywork, and are completely invisible once installed. Your bike's beauty will remain totally intact!

Will installation of the heat shield kit void my warranty?

No! There's no modification you can do to your bike that will void your warranty. If your dealership is telling you this, then they're extremely dishonest, and you should find a new dealer. Unless a failure on your bike can be directly attributed to an aftermarket modification, the warranty will be fully honored.

Do you ship internationally? What about customs fees?

We ship to almost any international destination, for a small additional shipping fee (less than 10 USD). We can mark the package as a lower value to avoid high customs fees!


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