Throttle Spacer Kit Testimonials

"I just installed the throttle spacer kit. It was $30 and took about 8-10 mins to install. Everything fit absolutely perfectly. There is now absolutely zero slack/play in the throttle assembly. WOW...Throttle response is FAR MORE accurate after getting rid of the slop. Everything is tighter and more responsive. As someone stated earlier, the throttle now feels telepathic vs. what it felt like before putting in the spacers. This could easily by the best $30 investment I've ever made. For those of you who haven't done this quick little mod yet, I HIGHLY recommend."


"This may be the most efficient cost to benefit upgrade I've ever done on any motorcycle. The enhanced throttle control makes riding much more safe and fun. I would consider this a must (street or track). I was going to remap & re gear after break in, but this $30 mod may obviate the need. Its that good. It truly is sublime."


"I finally installed mine over the weekend. Took longer to read the instructions than to do the work itself. Tweezers were really handy for me and my big hands for putting the spacers in place. I bought the same $30 kit, and a nice little screwdriver kit on amazon for $10 that included the tri-tip driver. And on to my impressions: HOLY CRAP THESE ARE AWESOME! The throttle response is massively improved from zero. I love them. They're great. It's like a different bike. No more slight stutter from stop in calm riding. Seriously, everyone who has a 1299, go buy this kit. Now. I'll wait. Back? Good. Install them and be even happier."


"Did mine just 9 days ago, even got to try a track day as well as the daily 200 km commute to and from work. I love it! Even in rush hour traffic, city driving, and track day! Miles better than the standard sloppy throttle!"