Panigale V4, Streetfighter V4 Heat Shield Kit

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Sick of roasted nuts? The V4 Heat Shield Kit is a custom, die-cut heat shield set designed to drastically reduce radiant heat from the seat/bodywork of your Panigale V4 or Streetfighter V4! It works with all seat configurations- stock, comfort, racing, etc. The kit includes a full set of custom-cut adhesive heat shield pieces, as well as an extended right-side engine cover, and installation hardware (hardware only required on the Panigale V4).

NOTE: OEM bodywork, subframe, seat are not included- only the extended right side engine cover and heat shielding material!

An aluminized, adhesive fiberglass material is used to create the heat shields. It's capable of withstanding radiant heat up to 2000°F, and the adhesive can withstand temperatures of 500-600°F, so there's no need to worry about the material being damaged by heat from the engine or exhaust. The kit has undergone many months of development and real-world testing on several bikes in extreme Southern California desert heat, and has held up perfectly! Zero degradation of the aluminized surface or adhesive has been noted.

The kit comes with a full-color instruction manual detailing the install process. Anyone with very basic hand tools and a couple hours to spare can install it!

Check out the thermal imaging, which showcases a huge difference in seat/bodywork temperature after installation of the heat shield kit. These were taken on a FLIR thermal camera after a 40-minute ride consisting of about 30 minutes freeway, and 10 minutes on local streets. 

Prior to developing this kit, I was convinced that it was impossible to daily ride a Panigale V4- it was just too hot and uncomfortable. This kit completely transformed that view! It's not a small investment, but given the significant development time, material cost, and benefits to your manhood (and womanhood!), I hope you'll agree that it's a great value! 

Still not convinced? Check out the Panigale Heat Shield FAQ!  

Model: Panigale V4 (2018-2021)

Customer Reviews

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Perfection! Must have for V4

Im from singapore and our climate temp can reach 35-36degree with city traffic and congested highway. This heat shield kit is game changer. No longer feel hot unbearable heat from the engine. Make me fell in love with my bike more now

Chris Marshall
Massive improvement in heat reduction on the legs and rear.

I ordered the heat shield kit over two weeks ago and installed it last weekend. What a massive difference it has made. Before the Streetfighter V4 would uncomfortably hot on the sides and on the seat after 30 minutes of riding, even on the highway. After installing the heat shields its way cooler on my legs and rear. Ducati should really make this a factory install, I don't know why they haven't.

Installation was very simple. I would get it a 2 out of 5 on the difficulty. The kit also came with really good instructions with some shortcuts I would have missed.

Thank you so much for bringing this product out it really made a massive difference for me.

Best mod for warm climates

I live in Bangkok Thailand where the average air temperature is around 32C or 90F all year round. My bike has literally burned my legs when riding in town even in leathers.
Your product has made a tremendous difference.
I can feel a lot less heat coming out from the rear cylinders and under the seat. It has made riding pleasurable again . Highly recommended mod for anyone living in a warm climate. It should be standard equipment!

Orion Johnson
Beyond surprised, extremely effective.

When I first saw this it reminded me of the heat shielding people put on their bikes that either accomplished little or caused overheating issues from over application. Given how hot the V4 is, I decided to give it a shot anyways.

Installation was easy, though the fairings are a bit of a pain of course. After taking all of a hour to install, the change was immediately noticeable. The heat on the seat is gone and while riding in traffic it is much more bearable. The only issue for heat now is from the gap between the frame, subframe, and fuel tank when stuck at a light for too long; and the unavoidable heat from the rear header under the seat.

I did tape the bottom of the fuel tank while it was removed in the interest of protecting the pump and keeping the tank cooler. This, in addition to the kit, has made riding the V4 Panigale almost as pleasant as any other bike I have had. Again, the heat from the header is, like Thanos, somewhat inevitable.

Gal Strolovich
The Panigale V4 is no longer for sale!

I love that bike, but it is almost unbearable to ride it in the ambient temperature here during most of the year. The heat kit was installed last week, and the change is very noticeable, took it for a ride today at 98F, and while the bike still radiance a lot of heat it is so much better! I have no longer burn marks on my left leg, there is considerably less heat all over. If like me the heat issue with this bike is too much for you, then this product is a MUST. The pricing is fair, considering the investment in hours & labor that must have been done with such a high-quality product. Highly recommended!