Triumph Throttle Spacer Kits

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Please be sure to choose the correct model from the dropdown. There are different kits for the Street Triple vs Speed Triple, for example! Some kits include two plastic spacers and a security bit, while others are only a single spacer, depending on your particular throttle housing design.

Thousands of Ducati owners are using our Spacer Kit, and now we're bringing the same joy to Triumph owners! This is the MUST HAVE mod for your Triumph. 

The Triumph Throttle Spacer Kit is designed to remove the slop/play in your bike's ride by wire throttle system. Because there are no cables to adjust, this is the only way to cure that slop! The kit provides amazing, tangible benefits by smoothing on/off throttle transitions. Feel the difference everywhere- whether the track, your favorite twisty road, or your stop-and-go commute!

Includes a full color instruction manual, as well as the custom security screwdriver bit required to open the throttle housing!

SK-01 compatible with the following models:

  • 2016+ Triumph Speed Triple (Base, S, R)
  • 2016+ Thruxton R/RS
  • 2016+ Street Twin
  • 2017+ Street Cup
  • 2017+ Street Scrambler
  • 2019+ Speed Twin
  • 2023+ Scrambler 900 (for 1200 see below)

SK-06 compatible with the following models:

Some 2023-24 models have an updated throttle housing which may not be compatible. Contact us for details!

    • 2017-23 Street Triple
    • 2020+ Daytona 765
    • 2016-21 Speed Triple (RS)
    • 2017+ Tiger (not compatible with 660)
    • 2020+ Rocket 3
    • 2019-21 Scrambler 1200 XC/XE

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    Still not convinced? Check out the Throttle Spacer Kit FAQ!

    Model: SK-01 Throttle Spacer Kit (Triumph)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 76 reviews
    Miloslav Pitra

    Very good a thing but it’s very expensive for piece of plastic :-(

    Gary W.
    Triumph Throttle Spacer

    Fit correctly, easy to install, removes slop in throttle.

    Perfect throttle

    Extremely responsive throttle after installation. Great product!

    Bob Holley
    Literally a 5 minute install!

    Took longer to open the package, put my bike on the center stand, and find a screwdriver than it did to install it. Took all the annoying slack out of my 2020 Tiger 1200’s ride by wire throttle. A must have for slow speed or technical off road riding. Great product!

    Simple but great upgrade

    What a simple solution! Installed on my Triumph Street Twin to eliminate the awful slack and the ride feels transformed. Easy to fit in less than 5 minutes and now have a crisp throttle, that feels “solid” with no hunting. Makes downshift rev matching a doddle too. Highly recommended.