Triumph Owners, Listen Up!

It turns out that out Throttle Spacer Kit is compatible with quite a few Triumph models, including:

2016+ Speed Triple
2016+ Thruxton R
2016+ Street Twin
2017+ Street Cup
2017+ Street Scrambler
2019+ Speed Twin
    Pick up your Spacer Kit for 10% OFF using coupon code TRIUMPH, and enjoy the slop-free throttle that thousands of Ducati owners have been loving for years!


    Throttle Spacer Kit Installed on 2016 Thruxton R!

    Throttle Spacer Kit installed on 2016 Thruxton R!


    I own a 2017 Triumph Thruxton R. I came across one of Kevins youtube videos showing the install and the before and after affects and was mind blown at how a small piece of plastic could fix the one thing that bothered me so much. I immediately placed and order. The install took less than 10 minutes and was super simple. Best money spent on the TTR. So happy with the effects and how there is absolutely no slop/play with the throttle now. I definitely recommend this to anyone that is annoyed or wants to get rid of the throttle play.