Bundle! Speedo Angels Screen Protectors + Throttle Spacer Kit

Bundle! Speedo Angels Screen Protectors + Throttle Spacer Kit

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We've partnered with Speedo Angels to bring you an exclusive 20% off bundle, including:
2x Speedo Angels Screen Protectors
1x Ducati/Triumph Throttle Spacer Kit


Never heard of Speedo Angels Screen Protectors? 

Made from high quality anti-scratch material, these screen protectors have been designed to protect your instrument cluster/dashboard from unwanted scratches and marks. They're compatible with a wide range of Ducati & Triumph models, just check for your model in the drop-down above!

Screen Protector kit also comes with:

1 x Squeegee / Smoothing card
1 x Suede polishing cloth
1 x Dust removal strip


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the Screen Protectors easy to fit?

Yes. However preparation is key here. Ensure you follow the supplied instructions carefully and also make sure you clean your dashboard thoroughly before applying the screen protector. Just make sure you remove as much dust/dirt from your screen first and then applying the protector should be easy.

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